Ekapada Galavasana
Sirsasana in Stels, Prättigau, CH

Asanas, the physical exercises of Yoga, are a central element of many modern forms of Yoga. Nowadays many moving practices are labeled as Yoga, even though they are mere gymnastics. For many people this might be good enough, but it is certainly far away from the original meaning of the word Yoga.

Asana is a wonderful door into the world of Yoga. And it is a very effective practice to keep your body healthy. Through a careful and mindful execution and conscious breathing, asana practice can also bring the mind into a calm, focused and centered state. That's the basis for deeper practices like meditation.

Physical Yoga is for many people the initial point, because the transformative power of Yoga has to be experienced first on a tangible, solid level like the body. Your body will become strong, flexible and resistant and that's how you start to believe that if you can transform the body you can also transform the mind. A transformation towards a mind that is free and happy, completely independent of outer circumstances.

However, if you are not careful and if you avoid regular self-evaluation of your practice, these transformations and the power you gain can also strengthen negative qualities of the mind like pride, arrogance and egoism.

In phases of focused and intensified practice you may journey to a place of profound inner stillness and freedom, a space where you feel whole, not separated, where you just feel at ease, content, where you just ARE. The mind is in a simple, fresh und unobstructed state. Then Yoga is close! The ultimate indicator of a good Yoga practice is spontaneous serenity, compassion and joy in your everyday life! 


Bakasana in the Ganga in Rishikesh, India


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