Adrian Wirth

During my Environmental Science studies at the ETH Zürich life brought me repeatedly into situations where my worldview and my self-perception got challenged. Among these situations I had in 1997 a health problem, a benign bone tumor inside my hip joint, which suddenly challenged my self-image as a young, healthy sportsman and raised the question: "Who am I at all, if I can't move anymore, can't run around and play soccer or go mountaineering?" As difficult this situation was at that moment, it also triggered my curiosity. What is at the core of ourselves and the things in the world? Who am "I"? This curiosity and intuitive feeling that told me softly but clearly: "That can't be it, there must be more between heaven and earth…" led me to explore the inner worlds with teacher plants and eventually it led me to Yoga and to meditation. In the same way you learn to explore and understand the outside world at the ETH, there is a rich and vast set of teachings and techniques in the Indo-Tibetan wisdom traditions to explore and understand the inner worlds. That fascinated me, that was my thing! And since I first sat down on a Yoga mat in Vancouver 2002, I never stopped practicing, exploring and questioning. Ever since, small parts and pieces have come together to form a bigger picture about who I am and what a human life can be.

With my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2007 this hobby of mine became my profession. Today I feel really blessed and grateful to be able to walk on the Yoga path and to share it with interested people around the world. The Yoga path, which is a path that brings you closer to who you really are, brings healing and transformation to the core of our being.


Born and raised in Bülach, North of Zurich


Kantonsschule in Bülach


First trip to Northern India

from 1997

Working with Teacher plants


Studies of Environmental Science, ETH Zürich

from 2002

Slow and steady progress on the Yoga path, Vipassana Meditation


Year of inspiraton and creativity in Vancouver, Canada


Civil Service at biolenz, inspiration through shamanic work with Guido Lenz


Biology and Chemistry Teacher for Science meets Dharma, Tibetan Monasteries in Southern India

from 2007

Yoga Teacher Training with Remo Rittiner, teaching classes at Airyoga Zurich

from 2008

Connected with and inspired by Paola and the birth of our son Manuel Kailash, own retreats and courses, inspiration of many teachers and beautiful human beings on the Yoga path

from 2011

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation (Essence traditions in the Pointing out style, Bon- and Nyingma Dzogchen) with Dan Brown, Rahob Rinpoche, Geshe Sonam & Associates, Kirtan music with the Shakti Shuttlez




August 18, 2019 at Airyoga Zurich: Yoga Nidra with Adrian Wirth.

This workshops opens the door for you into the wonderful Yoga Nidra practice: Deep relaxation, regeneration and meditation. A veritable treasure of a practice for our fast, stressy and confused times! A concise introduction and deepening background information at the same time.

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August 31- Sept 2, 2019. Yoga & Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) with Paola Deprez and Adrian Wirth

Yoga-Asana, Deep Breathing Meditation, Singing and Temascal ritual: Experience the heart connection with Nature & the people in the circle! It's healing and an energizing reboot for your soul!


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