Weekend Retreats


Program 2021:


  • Ascension-Weekend, May 12-16: Auffahrts Vipassana and Yoga retreat

    im Seminarhaus Spiert Avert in Tschlin. Mit Samuel Theiler und Adrian Wirth.

    Main language will be German.

    Mi 12. – So 16. Mai 2021. Beginn: Mittwoch mit dem Abendessen; Ende: Sonntag nach dem Brunch.
    Teilnahme während der ganzen Dauer ist Bedingung!
    Vom Abendessen bis zum Brunch am folgenden Morgen wollen wir die Zeit jeweils schweigend verbringen.

    Preis für Unterkunft und Verpflegung

    1er Zimmer: 520.- CHF (130.-/Tag) / 2er Zimmer: 420.- CHF (105.-/Tag) / Mehrbettzimmer (max 4-5 Leute): 360.- CHF (90.-/ Tag)

    Kurspreis: Die Lehrenden verlangen für diesen Kurs gemäss buddhistischer Tradition kein Honorar, sind aber für ihren Lebensunterhalt auf Spenden am Ende des Kurses angewiesen.

    Anmeldung via Email an Adrian: adrianoshadi-yogach

  • Bhakti Bliss Festival in der Schweibenalp, 20.-23. Mai

    This time Adrian also joins the bliss...


    More infos here  

  • Kirtan & Yoga & Mountains Summer-Retreat, August 12-16: With Maureen Genner and Adrian Wirth.

    Shakti Shuttlez Kirtan vibes and wonderful mountain nature @ Seminarhaus Spiert Avert in Tschlin, Unterengadin!

    Wann: Do 12. – Mo 16. August 2021. Beginn: Donnerstag mit dem Abendessen; Ende: Montagnachmittag.

    Programm: Am Morgen 2 h Praxis; ruhiges, achtsames Vinyasa, Pranayama und Meditation, bis und mit Brunch in Stille. Danach haben wir viel Zeit um die wunderbar ruhige Bergwelt zu geniessen: kleine Wanderungen, im Inn baden, Sauna im Haus... Am Abend vor dem Nachtessen nochmals eine 2.5h Session mit Mantra/Kirtan singen in verschiedenen Varianten
    (Bhakti Yoga, einfach Singen, Japa Meditation). Wenn du magst: Bring dein Instrument mit! Keine Vorkenntnisse nötig.

    Preis für Unterkunft und Verpflegung im Spiert Avert:
    1er Zimmer: 520.- CHF (130.-/Tag) / 2er Zimmer: 420.- CHF (105.-/Tag) / Mehrbettzimmer (max 4-5 Leute): 360.- CHF (90.-/ Tag)

    Kurspreis: 300.- CHF

    Adrian und Maureen singen seit 2011 zusammen und organisieren mit den Shakti Shuttlez regelmässig Kirtans.

    Anmeldung: Email an adrianoshadi-yogach

  • 26.-29. August 2021: Yogafestival Summer of Love, Kiental.

    Adrian teaches 4 different classes and on Friday night he will be leading with Maureen (the Shakti Shuttlez) the Kirtan.  See more here.


  • Sept 3-5, 2021. Yoga & Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) with Paola Deprez and Adrian Wirth

    The only chance this year... at the Balmeggberg...

    Finding clarity for your Life-Path, a journey of healing and transformation!

    Sweat Lodges are incredible powerful rituals, which originated in different forms in many “close to nature” tribal cultures around the globe. They serve the purpose of physical and spiritual cleansing. And they initiate or nurture your quest for discovering your own innate essence of your being, they foster the search for your life path and help to find your unique gift that you bring to this world. The term Yoga points to an experience of oneness, of unity; to reconnect to the wholeness of life.

    A powerful breathing meditation and the Sweat Lodge ceremony are the moments of ”Peak-Experience” during this special Yoga Weekend. Carefully we will prepare ourselves with different yoga practices and with singing. As a guiding principal we will use the concept of the 5 elements: The elements as a fundamental metaphor for internal and external forces which influence our lifes on all levels. In the dark of the Sweat Lodge we can give our rational mind a rest and we connect to our essence, to our heart and to the wholeness of creation. A far and deep reaching and healing experience.
    Leading: Paola Deprez and Adrian Wirth are connecting introspective practices from the indo-tibetan yoga traditions with modern versions of ceremonies from the Americas to form a harmonic approach for healing and transformation towards Yoga (unity).
    We will teach in English.

    Costs: 410.- CHF all included (except travel).

    Registration and questions: Send an email to Paola.


    • 16.-22. September, 2021: Long Weekend / Weeklong Retreat with Punnu Wasu and Adrian Wirth.

      Yoga - Meditation - Bhakti - Sound healing - walking in Nature - Relaxation - Just be...

      More infos will be announced soon...

      @ Seminarhaus Spiert Avert in Tschlin


    • Dec 30, 2021 - Jan 2, 2022: Yoga & Sun & Snow over New Years with Adrian Wirth & Paola Deprez at Stelserhof

      Sun, Snow & Yoga over New Years with Paola Deprez and Adrian Wirth @ Stelserhof, Prättigau, Switzerland. 

From the afternoon of December 30 to the midday of January 2nd of the New Year. We meet up in Stels for a wonderful transition time into the New Year with Snow and Yoga up in the quiet mountains. 

      There will be two Yoga classes every day with a wide variety of practices: Vinyasa Flow, calm restorative or Yinyoga, Yoga Nidra, Mantra chanting, Yoga Nidra, Chi Gong and meditation depending on the situation. During the day you can relax, go for walks and sledge down, go for snowshoe hikes or even sit in a knitting-circle with Paola!
 Good food and like-minded people are waiting for you. Join us!

Prices (fullboard for 3 nights): 710.- Double room w shared bathroom, 770.- Single room w shared bathroom, 780.- Double room w private bathroom, 840.- Single room w private bathroom. Book early for availablity for single rooms: First come first served! 

      For the snowshoe hiking: The tours are between 2-5 h. Snowshoes we can rent from Hof de Planis (first come, first served).

For more information or reservation send an email to Paola.


    March 7th, 2021 at Airyoga Zurich: Yoga Nidra with Adrian Wirth.

    >> Postponed to June 5th, 2021


    This workshops opens the door for you into the wonderful Yoga Nidra practice: Deep relaxation, regeneration and meditation. A veritable treasure of a practice for our fast, stressy and confused times! A concise introduction and deepening background information at the same time.

    Course is in English!

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    April 24 & 25,2021 at Airyoga ZH. Healing Breathwork & Yoga with Adrian Wirth and Guido Lenz.

    Postponed to July 3th/4th

    Every half a year, a classic since 8 years. This spring a bit earlier than usual... Experience the simple and powerful connection to the mysteries of life through your breath! Dive deep into altered states of consciousness where healing and transformation is possible! Expect the unexpected. (in German!)
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