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For most people nowadays Yoga starts with the physical practice, the asana. Often the wish for more balance in life is what brings people to Yoga classes. It is the feeling that there needs to be a remedy against the stress, speed and overburden of daily life. With the joy of moving the body, feeling great afterwards and a regular practice, soon people start to experience some positive changes in how they feel: More inner calmness and clarity, more balance and mental stability, and also more physical health.

Maybe that's exactly what most of us are looking for. But then there is the OM chanting at the beginning of every class and you may get the feeling that there must be a whole universe hidden behind these Indo-Tibetan symbols, and that Yoga may actually go much deeper. At the same time many of us have a diffuse feeling deep inside that there must be more to life than just work and consumption. Ultimately, these positive changes are mere side-effects of a regular Yoga practice. Yoga in its entirety goes much deeper: It is a radical transformation on how we see our own life as a human being, and yet it feels completely natural, it feels like coming home. It makes sense!

The "I", the ego, which is central and so important in our hyper-individualized, modern society, inherently includes many problems. It cages us forever in the patterns of wanting and not-wanting. We are never going to be really happy and free with the "I" as the central organization element, because it is intrinsically not made for this. Yoga leads us step by step away from the exaggerated and one-sided identification with the "I", with our emotions, with our thoughts and with the body. It is not about suppressing the ego or wanting to get rid of it as it is a useful concept for daily life, but about realizing through exploring the depth of Yoga that we are much more: We are a part of the all-embracing consciousness, we are connected with everything, with all other human beings, with animals and plants, we are not alone. This makes us free and happy from the very core of our being. A sense of communion, love and joy becomes natural and normal.




Therefore I designate as Yoga all the practices, techniques and ceremonies - on whatever level of the human being - that bring us a little closer to that ultimate Truth. Since all people are different, there is no uniform path, which works for everybody. It is much more about being open, light-hearted and courageous to start to explore oneself. If you sincerely start to walk on the Yoga path, helpers and teachers will show up in your life, they will teach you, accompany you, challenge you and give you important hints on how to progress. Like that, Yoga becomes a life-style, a 24/7 adventure!

A very important basic principle is to do the right practice at the right time in your life. It's all about timing! Because it is not about an intellectual understanding of Yoga, it is important to practice only what you can currently integrate into your life and worldview. It is often a patient step-by-step development and transformation. For rational people with the "gift" of unfailing doubting it is often difficult to advance into the depths of Yoga mentioned above. It could make sense to have experiences beyond the rational, conceptual ego-mind and with that strengthen the faith in the (Yoga-)path. It's not important how we get to this experience, as it is mentioned in the Yoga sutra 4.1:

janmausadhi-mantra-tapah-samadhijah siddhayah


In this sutra, Patanjali describes different possibilities on how people can have these deeper experiences. These are experiences of altered states of consciousness, which can open up an important, essential field for the holistic health of a human being: The spiritual world, the direct access to the Divine. Yoga sutra 4.1 says that certain people have this access by birth (janma), others can reach it by the use of Oshadhi (or aushadhi, entheogens, teacher plants), or through the work with Mantras, through intensive spiritual practices (tapas), or through the Yoga path (Raja-Yoga) described in the Yoga sutras, meaning through concentration, meditation and samadhi states.

All these different ways can support each other, can work towards the same goal. It needs both a daily practice and special deeper experiences, where the path shines clear in front of you. With this guidance the daily practice becomes much stronger.

These experiences of intense love and connection, of a spiritual dimension, were crucial for me as a rationally and secularly raised person to realize that my worldview was far too one-sided and small. This gave me the courage to step into the "abyss" of an uncertain (Yoga-) adventure. Out of gratefulness for these divine experiences, I call this website "oshadi-yoga".


March 7th, 2021 at Airyoga Zurich: Yoga Nidra with Adrian Wirth.

>> Postponed to June 5th, 2021


This workshops opens the door for you into the wonderful Yoga Nidra practice: Deep relaxation, regeneration and meditation. A veritable treasure of a practice for our fast, stressy and confused times! A concise introduction and deepening background information at the same time.

Course is in English!

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April 24 & 25,2021 at Airyoga ZH. Healing Breathwork & Yoga with Adrian Wirth and Guido Lenz.

Postponed to July 3th/4th

Every half a year, a classic since 8 years. This spring a bit earlier than usual... Experience the simple and powerful connection to the mysteries of life through your breath! Dive deep into altered states of consciousness where healing and transformation is possible! Expect the unexpected. (in German!)
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