Stress, Burnout & Yoga

We are regularly leading workshops and retreats about this topic. Yoga can help on many levels, it can prevent diseases from chronic stress and it can change mental patterns that might lead to a Burnout crisis. Once you had a Burnout, Yoga can be a vital element for healing and can help to prevent a relapse.

  • At this time we take a break from offering this format. Most likely we will offer something again in our newly built Seminarhaus in Tschlin. Will be announced...

All our courses we offer have to do, in one way or another, with the topic "Stress, Burnout & Yoga" and will enrich your personal path. See more here about other retreats.

Burnout is a modern life crisis


We all live different lives and have different mental and physical constitutions and imprints. Therefore a stressful life-style may or may not lead to chronic stress problems and Burnout.

Burnout can be seen as a socially induced aberration of an individual (worth reading: a compact essay about it from MD Toni Brühlmann in the NZZ am Sonntag, 20.5.2012). The increase of unhealthy stress in daily life has been so strong due to the globalization, the digital revolution and the business like approach to our private lives that many can't cope any longer. You have to be available continuously and everything has to be planned and efficiently executed. With this manager-like approach goes a loss of other important values: where success, prestige and financial profit are the only motivators, other supporting values like the capability to just be content, to just BE, are declining. Such a one-sided situation is very unstable and if a person has Burnout-prone behavioral patterns like perfectionism or craving for recognition, little needs to happen in order to slip into a crisis where life seems to be meaningless and empty.

To be healthy and happy in a holistic, sustainable way, the inner and outer life needs to be more diverse. The spiritual side of life has to be discovered and developed. Often it is only a Burnout crisis that forces you to really have a look at your life! Questions are arising: Which behavioral patterns led me into this dead-end situation? What do I want at all in my life? Such questions show a deep spiritual crisis, but at the same time it is a wonderful opportunity for transformation and growth!

Yoga can be an excellent platform for learning a different approach to life, a different mind-set, and an attitude, which can bring life into a new healthier balance. Currently a spiritual world outlook is often still smiled at, but it is the only alternative to give life a meaning. How this spirituality looks and is lived concretely is not important, as long as inner calmness and clarity, gratefulness, compassion and joy are resulting out of it. With an adequate Yoga the opening towards nature, towards something all embracing, towards the Divine happens in slow, sustainable steps. With Yoga you are embracing the full responsibility for your well-being. Neither your upbringing, nor your work colleagues or the weather are the reason for not feeling well. Independently from the outer circumstances, with Yoga you can feel calm and serene. Through practice, patience and time these inner qualities are much closer than you think!





Stress, Burnout & Yoga Weekend retreat in the mountains: April 20 - 22, 2018.



Join this weekend retreat to learn some simple tools that will help you become healthy and whole and stay that way.

The "Stress, Burnout & Yoga" workshop is offered twice a year, once as a two afternoon workshop and once as a weekend retreat. The retreat format will allow you to get away from your everyday worries and gain a deeper understanding on an experiential level. It will also allow you to share your impressions and experiences with other participants in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Stress and Burnout are challenges relevant to an increasing number of people in our modern high-paced lives. In this weekend we are addressing the topic from a scientific-psychological and from a yogic-spiritual perspective.

You will understand what stress is, its effect on your body and mind depending on how you relate to it, and how certain relationships to stress and patterns of mind can lead you to Burnout. You will get inspired to do the necessary changes to heal and transform. You will learn and practice the tools that Yoga has to offer to establish a healthy relationship to stress leading to a content and happy life.

With our diverse backgrounds we are able to build a bridge between the modern, western worldview and old spiritual traditions. This Weekend will reach people in search for spiritual meaning and scientific explanations.

This retreat is suitable for all levels of Yoga practitioners; you don’t need any previous experience with Yoga. Anybody interested in personal development will profit from this retreat. Participants of the previous afternoon workshops will be able to deepen their experience and integrate it further into their daily lives.

We will teach in English. Clarifications in German are always possible if needed. Support material will be given in English and German.


Learn more about Paola Deprez here and about Adrian Wirth here.


The Weekend Retreat „Stress, Burnout and Yoga“ will take place from Friday April 20 2018, 6:30 p.m., to Sunday, April 22 2018, 5:30 p.m., at Hof de Planis in Stels, Graubünden. Check



In double room with shared or private bathroom. Some single rooms are also available. First come, first served.


CHF 575.- in double room with shared bathroom

CHF 625.- in double room with private bathroom

CHF 50.- extra for single room

What is included

Accommodation with 3 regional healthy meals, tea and apples during breaks, all theoretical and practical sessions, written material and Yoga Nidra recordings (mp3).

Not included

Transportation to the retreat center and extra drinks and snacks.

Please bring your own Yoga mat if possible.


Please register by e-mail to paolaoshadi-yogach


A deposit of CHF 150.- per person is required upon booking.

Your booking will be confirmed by the payment of the deposit and is binding.

The deposit is not refundable.

The remainder of the cost of the retreat is due on March 30, 2018 latest.

In case of cancellation by the participant after March 30, 2018, no refund is possible. If the retreat has to be canceled due to an insufficient amount of participants (min 10 people), the full amount will be refunded.


March 7th, 2021 at Airyoga Zurich: Yoga Nidra with Adrian Wirth.

>> Postponed to June 5th, 2021


This workshops opens the door for you into the wonderful Yoga Nidra practice: Deep relaxation, regeneration and meditation. A veritable treasure of a practice for our fast, stressy and confused times! A concise introduction and deepening background information at the same time.

Course is in English!

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April 24 & 25,2021 at Airyoga ZH. Healing Breathwork & Yoga with Adrian Wirth and Guido Lenz.

Postponed to July 3th/4th

Every half a year, a classic since 8 years. This spring a bit earlier than usual... Experience the simple and powerful connection to the mysteries of life through your breath! Dive deep into altered states of consciousness where healing and transformation is possible! Expect the unexpected. (in German!)
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